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Several Questions for Pros

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    1. An iron anchor of density 7870 kg/m3 appears 200 N lighter in water than in air. (a) What is the volume of the anchor? (b) How much does it weigh in air?

    2. An oscillator consists of a block of mass 0.500 kg connected to a spring. When set into oscillation with amplitude 35.0 cm, the oscillator repeats its motion every 0.500 s. Find (a) the period, (b) the frequency, (c) the angular frequency, (d) the spring constant, (e) the maximum speed, and (f) the magnitude of the maximum force on the block from the spring.

    3. A 10 g particle is undergoing simple harmonic motion with amplitude 2.0×10–3m and a maximum acceleration of magnitude 8.0×10–3 m/s2. The phase constant is –π/3rad. (a) Write an equation for the force on the particle as a function of time. (b) What is the period of the motion? (c) What is the maximum speed of the particle? (d) What is the total mechanical energy of this simple harmonic oscillator?
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    Show your attempts at solving it or no one can help you.
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