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Several reason for doubt in reality of BB.

  1. May 5, 2003 #1
    This reasons are:
    1) BB expects shaping 3D space from 0D zero point. This impossible.
    2) BB expects the expansion of space at the speed of light. If BB began with flashes of the light, then the universe on today look like empty sphere by radius 10 billion light years with the background cosmic radiation existing on a border only.
    Obviously this not so.
    3) By single reliable fact is "confirm" the expansion of universe may be considered a red shifting of the spectrum of light radiation of stars. But.
    This phenomena gives the value of velocities of the moving off stars on several orders less of speed of light . Material falls out of a notion "space". Suppose only the light and gravity field spreads with "c". Suppose that exactly they present the space today. But then it is necessary to find the reason why after BB before forming the material from light this process passed in much limited space - otherwise the empty ballun again. The Light had a velocity close to zero? How the whole material of universe was fitted in unmeasured smaller volume in contrast with existing? What does exists outside the space of universe? The theory does not gives the answer.
    And one more.
    Is it not strange that red shift for observer on the Earth exists on all directions without exception. Does it means that all a stars moves off began from the Earth ? Does it means that the Earth is a centre of universe? If no, then why a mutual location of stars does not changes in the current of several millennium of observations?

    Seems, this a theory does not wants to work.
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    Well here we go:

    1) How is this impossible? You need explination.

    2)Where in BB does it say space must expand at light speed? If anything I do believe it is believed it is expanding faster than c, which is possible because no energy/mass/information is being transmitted FTL.

    3) The stars themsevles wouldn't be moving at light speed nor at a velocity comparable to the expansion. Sure distances between two objects would increase as per expansion, but the redshift is taken doubly, that is, you factor out the amount due to expansion and the resulting redshift is the result of the actual velocity IIRC.
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    Expansion from 0D does not happen in any of the superstring versions of the big bang. Also, current expansion is very slow; it is slow enough for gravity to keep galaxies together. Only for a very brief moment at the beginning of time was inflation spectacularly fast. Even so, it is inaccurate to gauge the rate of expansion with a speed: Scientists use doubling rates. In general, superclusters are travelling away from eachother; however, there is no center to the expansion. (I.e., space is not expanding away from some point, it is simply getting bigger.) Inflation theory does not rely on any of the things that you purport are crucial to its validity.
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