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Sex and politics

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    Arnold said his wife refused to do sex with him because of his support for Bush.True?
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    For someone who wants to move to a state in the US that is 99% Christian, you seem awfully obsessed with sex, Mr. Saint. Why would the sexual allowances of one of those states governor's wife be of such interest to you?
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    well sometimes women have thier influence! .. and this is a way to have it :)
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    just felt curious
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    Well I doubt Arnold would make up stuff like that, if he actually said it...
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    If so, that's really stupid... and pretty coldhearted. She's just looking for an excuse not to put out... lol
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    Saint, was this the original article? :wink:
    Schwarzenegger Says Pro-Bush Speech Cost Him Sex

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    It just reinforces how bad the electoral process has gotten.

    It's not really accurate to call him a Republican though. I guess you could say, compared to other Californian Politicals, he's a republican, so I guess we can let it slide.
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