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Sex obsession

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    I know now I truely have a sex obsession. There is a bag lady that comes around collecting cans and bottles other people discard, for the refunds. What many people would call a bag lady or outcast from normal society. It's her only job as far as I can tell. Actually she must have been a real looker when young. Now she's in her sixties like me. Blonde and dresses nice I told her she's an aged Lady Gaga. I work at this place and when she comes around I can't help from going over to her with other thoughts in mind. I would never want to hurt my wife by cheating but this is just about overpowering.
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    Could be you are overly sympahthetic and your empathic drive is twisting it into a sexual thing, if that is what you mean by other thoughts.
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    Sounds like someone needs a hobby.
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    Please don't do this.Just think about your wife.How would you feel if she did something like this to you.If you do this her heart will break forever and she can even die from the shock.How can you love another woman more than your wife?
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    Can you not have sex with your wife? No one said you have to have your eyes open while having sex.

    Seriously, if it were simply a sex obsession, your wife is right there. Since that doesn't seem to be an acceptable option, there's more to this story. Spill.
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    People still have sex when they're 60?!
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    Don't have a heart attack on us now!
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    You have a wife and you have an imagination. What's the problem?
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    'Please don't do this.Just think about your wife.How would you feel if she did something like this to you.If you do this her heart will break forever and she can even die from the shock.How can you love another woman more than your wife?'

    Thanks! That's just what I do. Her feelings are everything to me. But if you know something about an obsession you know it's overpowering. It's something deeply rooted. Preservation of the species. It's not a matter of should I play golf or tennis today? At my age I've gained an appreciation for people and their feelings. I told the bag lady that if I wasn't married I'd gladly hook up but now it's just not fair to all concerned. I wondered how twisted Bill was getting and how that could affect his job when he was doin Monica. Or JFK. And they're running the world! Mind constantly flitting between work and the one you want-all day every day. You can't turn it off! You're living a double life in secret. Tryin to meet up. And now it's Herman Cain and his paramore for 14 years but they were just friends he says. And just in case anyone thinks they are above falling into an affair that's laughable. All it takes for that preservation of species drive to take over is for two people to be around each other every day for a while. Marriage is just a concept an idea but sex drive is much more real. Like two chemicals put together, in time a reaction starts to take place and grows until it's burning hot.
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    Yeah! I've already had a good one years ago! I just won't get that Viagra Rx filled. I never thought I would need it. And I may be right because if an attractive woman starts getting close and chatting it up I start to get up. And it only stands to reason like anything else a once great song after a while fails to inspire. Someone said 'After you hear all Chopin's music you find yourself saying Okay what's next?'
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    Well they still think about it a lot.
  13. Nov 29, 2011 #12
    I need male enhancement. She is really dry and won't use KY jelly. She won't let me touch anything but her breasts and comes to bed wearing a full length nightgown pulled tight around the neck. I see your point so there's more than just sex drive going on somehow. It's the attraction of someone new also. I fully believe women as well as men are the same in this regard. We always hear about men cheating as if women don't and aren't tempted. Right! But Signfeld said 'women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.' LOL!
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    Please keep this thread "PG-13".
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    Where would we be without our obsessions? They are like the dry desert that abruptly ends at the cliff; we look over the edge, thirsty, searching for water. But before we jump to our demise, maybe we should try our canteen.
  16. Nov 29, 2011 #15
    WOW. Things must be bad if you're spending all day fantasizing about a bag lady... she's probably homeless, and unclean and might have some mental disorders.

    If you're seriously that desperate you might as well at least go get a young prostitute, there's no way this "bag lady" can be even remotely attractive to anyone. I think you just see her as someone disposable and someone you could have an affair with and then discard the second you need to.
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    This is all highly presumptuous.

    The only evidence you have of what this person is like is from the OP. Stick to that.
  18. Nov 29, 2011 #17
    Here's a story young people need to hear:

    Guy's interviewing the local 100 year old man, asking him questions about how he made it to that age, etc. Then he asks him, "So, at what age does a person stop thinking about sex?"

    The 100 year old man says, "Well, I'll keep an eye out for it and let you know."
  19. Nov 30, 2011 #18

    I know how bad and damaging an obsession can be.And the famous people you are talking about having an affair,why do you even bother.If you do something like them what's the difference between you and them,what sets you apart from them?

    If you go on with that woman your wife will never forgive you.She trusted you,loved you her whole life and now you are going to sleep with another woman.Does this look right to you?

    You can turn this off.It's like a mental germ.And now you are very badly attacked by it.Fight it with very very strong will.For the will power think about your past life;the time when you met your wife,the first time when she sat beside you,touched you,made love with you,when you together went through difficult times helping each other,protecting your family.Above all ask for help to God from the deepest of your mind and heart.Go to the church(or to your own praying place if you are from another religion) and pray deeply not just Sunday but everyday to solve this.You may think about this as a waste of your time if you are a non-believer in God(Not offensive).But please give God a chance,if you really pray from your heart and love your wife dearly I am very very sure he will help you.

    Ask God to take the thoughts of that woman away from your mind and create more love than ever among you and wife.Please do this.
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    Well since, as they say, God helps those who help themselves, let's concentrate on him helping himself.
  21. Dec 14, 2011 #20

    There really comes a point in a person's life where one feels feelings of sexuality that is overpowering. However, it is sad that you would have felt this other than with your wife. However, remember that you have vowed that you will forever be faithful with your wife til the death do you part.
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