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Sex-offending Priest killed in prison.

  1. Aug 23, 2003 #1
    Breaking News www.cnn.com

    John Geoghan, former priest at the center of Boston archdiocese's sex abuse scandal, killed in prison, according to officials. Details soon.
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    If you can rehabilitate, decapitate
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    Now they are saying the guy who killed him was in prison for murdering a homosexual, and this guy had been plotting the ex priest's murder for weeks. Sounds to me like a major flub on the part of the prison staff.
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    Two wrongs don't make a right
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    That or it wasn't accidental. The guards may have been looking the other way- wouldn't be the first time in the history of prisons.

    As for two wrongs and a right, maybe this is true, but one could also argue that the sentence he initially recieved wasn't enough. Castration would be the only true equalibrium. You steal, they cut off your hand- you're a pedophile, and well..Let's just say he shouldn't be picking up the extra-value economy size box of condoms- better to stick with the 3 pack:wink:
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    Resorting to vigilante justice whenever you don't like a verdict isn't quite the message we want to be sending to people...
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    Oh I wasn't suggesting vigilante justice, I was suggestion a legal punishment for a criminal act
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    That is not a legal punishement. In fact it's illegal to inflict punishment that way.

    This kind of thing pisses me off. I hate it when prisoners inflict harm on others. That's just more crime.

    It's not uncommon for inoccent people to get sent to prison. It happens more than we'd like to believe. And in such cases you have totally inoccent people being hurt, raped or killed.

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    I understood that for him to be suggesting that it is made a legal punishment.
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    Oh it could be done in a non painful way- simple operation to make him a enuch. I'm not saying get a mob and go whack it off with a rusty knife. I'm talking about federally mandated punishment. The punishment should fit the crime
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