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News Sex Sting of DHS Official Raises Questions About Clearance

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    What's with the hiring practises of your Homeland "Security" department?

    http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewPolitics.asp?Page=/Politics/archive/200604/POL20060406a.html [Broken]

    Is juvenile behavior one of the criteria for running the USGovt? Is juvinile predation a pre-requisite? In BC, Canada we had a Premier (like your head of a state) busted for DUI in Hawaii. We got great mug shots out of the deal but he's still Premier.

    In Alberta we had the Premier knuckle wrapped for Drunken Abuse of homeless people. He's still Premier too.

    But, holy**** you guys, remember, you, "the people", are their employees.
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    There is nothing in this article that indicates that he had a criminal history that could have been "checked", so this is stupid.

    "She added that she hopes the incident will encourage DHS to "[look] at how thorough its background checks are and maybe some additional questions that they will need to ask of those seeking a security clearance."

    This only makes sense if he had a criminal history that could be checked, and if he does, why would this article fail to state that? Ask questions like what "although you have no current criminal history, are you a pedophile?"

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