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SFTP client

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    Hi guys, recently a server that I have data on inverted its firewall and turned on normal FTP, only allowing SFTP. Typically I log into the server cluster (linux) via PuTTy and SCP the files onto that server (windows). I then just open up windows explorer oin my local machine (windows) and ftp://.[/URL]... and drag the files to my local machine.

    Of course I cannot do this. I can still SCP to and from that server, but is there a client or something that I can use to drag the files to my local machine? (well I'm sure there is, I guess I could use a favorable opinion on one).
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    FileZilla is also a good option.
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    I was hesitant with WinSCP since google turned up both winscp.com and winscp.net

    I'll give them a shot, thanks guys,
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