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SGI de-listed from NASDAQ

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    SGI de-listed from NYSE

    It saddens me to see a company like SGI, that produced so much innovation, go down the drain. I think SGI's downfall is for 1) they fired the founder 2) changed the logo :smile: 3) backed Linux 4) produced NT workstations 5) created the Altix and 6) killed the newest processor on the MIPS line.
    In many ways, SGI still dominates. SGI Onyx systems are still used exclusively for the purpose of HDTV compositing with Discreet Inferno. (Discreet Inferno will only run on the Oynx). No peecee has enough bandwidth to do multiple HDTV streams, like the Onyx has (XIO crossbar ~3GB/s). PCIe 16x is beginning to approach this, but SGI created the XIO crossbar in 96'. ;)
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    I didn't know Alias-Wavefront owned Autodesk. :wink:

    Also, I'm pretty sure Inferno works on Linux. Smoke, Flint, etc do.
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    Nope, Inferno is Onyx only. Fire; however, has been ported to Linux. Like I said, you need the bandwidth the XIO crossbar offers to do high-end HDTV compositing. Take a look at the usage of "Onyx" in Inferno's tech specs:

    http://images.autodesk.com/adsk/files/Inferno_65_TechSpecs.pdf [Broken]

    Woops, don't know why I thought Alias-Wavefront owned Discreet.
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