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SHA-1 Broken

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    Panic, Chaos, Ahahahaha!!! :yuck:

    Don't worry though, it is still very difficult to crack unless you have a legion of computers at your bidding. Just start thinking about moving to SHA-256.
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    Considering that you must have a large number of powerful systems to do the bidding, this isn't so bad; however, the thought that many, many internet services use SHA-1is quite scary. The most important and common of these services being IPsec, which is responsible for most, if not all, of the VPN networks in the world.
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    Yeah, it may not effect us common folks that much, but this is a big deal to government organizations who are now more vulnerable to other countries with the computing power capable of cracking these type of cryptographic systems.
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    Shor's algorithm for quantum computing comes to mind (yet again) where breaking a 512 bit RSA key would take a matter of weeks..
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    Does such an algorithm already exist??? :bugeye:

    DEC has also been broken. Now should be the turn of RSA, and SSL also!
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