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News Shades of the Keating Five

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    McCain was drawn into a land speculator's deals.


    In addition to property at Fort Ord there were several local Arizona land swaps that McCain facilitated. Diamond traded small parcels of land not capable of development because they were too steep, for thousands of acres of federal land in the path of development + cash.
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    My first thought, of course, was: they're trying again? But then after checking the article, I find they only mention the Keating 5 once, in passing, and don't actually connect it to the issue that the article is about. So - could you explain what you mean by "shades of the Keating Five"?
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    That would be John McCain once again doing favors for someone wealthy.:rolleyes: Even people in AZ didn't know that McCain had been involved in Diamond's California ventures.

    Only a few people knew that McCain had enabled Diamond's Arizona land swaps.
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    Yes, he's a politician. What does that have to do with the Keating five? Are you saying that the Keating five was just your typical every-day political favor?
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    Keating definitely tried to make it a typical political favor. It wasn't, it was a scandal.

    McCain was one of the Keating five. I guess it was a bit before your time, but it is still a hot issue in Arizona. Plus it is again the same AZ senator involed in a California issue.

    The developer now involved with McCain goes from one land scam to the next always being able to buy his way through the bureaucracy.

    From the link:

    He definitely got his money back, 100,000 times over. McCain sponsored two bills that only benifited Daimond.
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