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Shaft radius

  1. Sep 25, 2007 #1
    Pls help me calculate the shaft radius of a coupling system thats goin to rotate an prespex cylindrical at 100 rpm by a motor.......... the dia of cylinder is 6 in and its width is 1 in. the material to be rotated is 10 gm s of sand........ bulk density if the sand is 3000 kg per m^3.......
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    Is this a homework problem? Is seems somewhat ill defined, particularly with respect to constraints, e.g. power, stress, materials, . . . .

    What is the orientation of the cylinder - horizontal or vertical? That will make difference regarding the distribution of the sand. Is the sand to be tumbled, as in a tumbler/blender.

    For starters calculate the volume of the cylinder and the volume of sand.
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