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Shall I keep going in my Computer Engineering studies, or should I go for Programming

  1. Jun 12, 2009 #1
    I`m a first-year engineering student..

    I`ve studied CalcA, CalcB, PhysA.. and gonna study PhysB on summer..
    When I looked at the study plane I found that this all should be easy for Differential calculus, Digital circuits, Signal processing, Electric circuits, (and even PhysB that I`ll study in summer will be pretty hard)

    so.. I thought like.. If I have very good programming skills.. and want to be more into the core of mathematics (I`d like to start from the core and keep going..)(not start from CalcA and go to differential calculus... becaus it will be like only solving problems and getting used to them) Then I can study programming (IT) in which I`ll have better chance to study mathematics from the core.. and since it will all be easy to me.. I`ll have time to study more core mathematics..
    when I graduate.. I`ll have vast knowledge of mathematics.. and also be a good programmer.. and so physics won`t be hard for me (not that programming matters to physics.. but programming have great relationship with mathematics..and mathematics has great relationship with physics..)

    Dad says even if I do bad while I`m studying eingeering.. its still ok.. and still better than studying IT..
    While I say.. I can study more programming and mathematics.. and then I can study the Physics easily.. (so.. Good marks in Programming+great mathematics+great programming skills.. +can easily study the physics I miss)

    so.. well.. its not like I feel I need an advice..I think I just will study programming(+mathematics on my own)..
    but maybe you know something I don`t see..
    please give ur opinion..
    to be honest.. I want to hear "u can do it".. but if there is really something else.. then I hope to hear it now.. before I move to the IT faculty

    sorry for that mess.. I`m just a lil bit stressed.. and thats why no arrangement in what I`ve written.

    EDIT: Well, I believe I should move to programming (IT) -and study more mathematics on my own, and do the physics after graduation-.. Thanx anyway
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2009
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