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Shallow Freezing

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    I read about this, it seems diffferent from cryogenic freezing. I'd like to be frozen but revivable...what do you think about this. Do you think I could be frozen like this and revivable? (In a different way from cyrogenic freezing)

    Shallow Freezing: Using a blood-substitute containing an 'antifreeze' a subject could be prepared and their life-signs halted while their body temperature is reduced to below freezing point without their actually freezing solid. In this way they would be effectively 'dead' but revivable. I have read unconfirmed reports that this has been achieved with a dog that was revived successfully, but either way this is the closest to what we can currently achieve. After all, some creatures (such as scorpions) can be frozen solid and then thawed without noticable ill effects.
    Benefits: once 'frozen' the subject requires relatively little energy to keep them in a 'safe' state from which they can be revived. Flaws: the subject has to be revived right, or they will suffer some damage, most likely to the brain. Technology required: We can almost do this at the moment.
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    Do you have a link toa website with more info???
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    sorry I forgot where I found it but that was all the info on shallow freezing there was on it I think. But anyways I really want some information on this shallow freezing stuff
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    Anyways what I want to know is:

    Could I have shallow freezing done on myself? Where I'm dead but revivable? Because that sounds like it would be neat. Then I could wake up in a better time period, or a worse one, I guess
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