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Shaming the greedy

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    Yes, folks have the right to be greedy, but do others have the right to publicly shame those who give miniscule charity? One could make a website out of data gleaned from public records (like tax forms) to reveal relatively how much the monied actually give to those in need.

    I once met an accountant who worked for a person whose identity she protects, but whose miserly philanthropy totaled about one ten-thousandth ($500/$3,000,000) of their taxable income. I believe this is no fluke, that the true value of gifts from the poor exceeds greatly that from the wealthy, and that they give more often. At least we could throw virtual tomatoes at those wallowing in filthy lucre.

    I expect to read arguments from some conservatives as to why throw good money after bad, that they acquire wealth and thus are somehow more worthy. Remember, it's your life - and afterlife. While you're here, give generously yet efficiently. What would your most beloved do?
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    .... the poor give gifts? And yes, you should have the right to shame those people, free country.

    I'm sure the liberals will come in here and say that people shouldn't judge other people and "who are we to tell people what they do is wrong" etc etc. Ha, countered your ideologic rhetoric.
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    should we shame the greedy.... well as long as they are GREEDY... not just rich.... and not just self jealousy... then yes.. the greedy should be shamed upon, greed leads to many other bad things... practice what you preach, and preach what you practice, and you shall become an expert at preaching. that's just an anology... it can be taken literal too... but be greedy... and greed shall take you over.
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    Yah, greed eventually screws itself over in many cases.

    I can't wait to shame bad drivers though, that'd be sweet. And shame people who listen to rock music. I wont shame people who watch American Idol though, they need to be eliminated completely.
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    haha i hope you are only joking... i love all music... and even rock :P
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    rock sucks. Bad drivers suck. American idol sucks. Everybody loves raymond sucks, why am iw atching this crap.
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    haha... you may not like what YOU watch... but just remember... it's the person that makes the person... not his interests. I may be a very good person... but just because i like rock and you don't does not mean we cannot get along :)
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    *cleans his sniper rifle*

    Uhh.... yah... uhm... sure we can get along. Hey lets have a party right now, gimme your address... adn work address... and license plate number please.
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    well i don't have a car... but it's 2244 Del Rio Dr. Stockton California... oh no, that's my real adress... well i have a couple 'nades, should be a good battle.
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    What is a better motive to base our economy on than greed?
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    Money is money, and what ever people choose to give is up to them, every little bit helps. While some people give little durring life, they leave there estate to a charity when they die. Others are just plain greedy, and yes I say shame on them.
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    At what point does one stop calling a desire to provide for themselves or their family, greed? Who gets to make that distinction?
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    i think it's fair to say that greed and selfishness go hand in hand... when i see people on t.v. rapping(that's not racism, rap is a style of music, it just tends to express itself more towards the impoverished) or making songs about the poor, and how bad they have it, then i see them on MTV cribs with multi-million dollar mansions, million dllar cars, and million dollar yatchs and planes.... that's when i say the line is being crossed... half of their houses never get used... and that money could go to something or someone that truly needs it. That is beyond providing for yourself. Yes youmake that money... but if you are making that money talking about poor people, and dying people of oher countries, then go right back and keep everything for yourself... what kind if character does that make you?
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