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Shannon entropy problem

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    consider a pack of 52 cards in a bridge game. a player try to convey 13 cards by nods of head or shake of heads to his partner. find the shannon entropy
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    You need [itex]\rm{log}_{2}52 \approx 6 bits/card[/itex] to specify a single card (admitting that they are all equiprobable). For 13 independent cards, you'll need [itex]13\times\rm{log}_{2}52 bits[/itex].
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    but the question tells the answer is 40, and it asks to find a coding function with entropy 50
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    Well, then the question is asking for the amount of information necessary to transmit an arrangement of 13 cards as a whole and not individually; that was not clear from the question.

    There are [itex]\binom{52}{13}[/itex] possible arrangements, and this gives an entropy of [itex]-\rm{log_2}\binom{52}{13} \approx 39.21 bits[/itex].
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