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Shape of a deformed body

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    Hi, I have a problem that I'm trying to solve and I'm not sure at all how can I proceed.

    If we have a metal rectangle (or maybe a rectangle-shaped hole in a piece metal), and we stretch this body a small distance, what is the shape of the top and bottom lines of the body? Can we say it is a catenary? A parabole?

    Can anyone lead to me to some good papers or books in the subject?

    Thank in advance. :oldsmile:
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    Die Design Handbook, ASTE (Amer. Soc. of Tool Eng.).
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    The deformed shape of a plate depends on the initial shape , dimensions and material properties of the plate and on the system of forces applied to it .

    There is extensive information available about how to analyse structural deformation problems .

    What is the particular problem you want to solve ? Can you draw the plate and show how the forces act on it ?
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    Punch the hole after stretching :-)
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