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Share analog design book

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    Jim Williams being one of the authors is enough to recommend the book. In the link you provided, click on the name "Jim Williams" to read more about him.
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    There is another good one I like called Analog Circuits World Class Designs by Robert Pease. It might be a little basic, but it has good practical and historical facts throughout the text.

    Another one I like is called "Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits" by Paul R Gray etc. It has one of the better explanations for analysis of current mirrors.
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    Bob Pease also has published some good analog design books as Dragon Petter has mentioned. Incidently Bob Pease died in a car crash leaving Jim Williams' funeral.
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    But it seems that the book is a collection of application notes that can be found on linear electronics website, right?
    Or it has more explanation than the application note?
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    jim hardy

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