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Share, Stock exchange

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    Economics is also a social sciences branch.
    So, I post this here but if moderators find that my question is not appropriate to stay here, please move it to the place where it should be,Thank you very much,

    Very short question, that has anyone of you, gurus, senpai, etc any experience in stock exchange (SE)? Would you please tell me some ideas about the ways/rules you know of how your country's SE work, and please give me some points about bonds, shareholder's previledges, or rights on certain companies ?

    Thank you very much,

    >>>as a side note, I know my questions sound really out of base, but please sympathize, and correct me if anything I said was wrong...Thank you,
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    Help me...if you know anything, any idea is highly appreciated..
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    You asked a very, very broad question ('teach me economics...'). If you have specific questions, someone here can probably answer them.
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