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Share the music you like!

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    Well, I thought that this was a good idea. As there are people all around the world in here, from different cultures, I think that we could share some music in a topic like this, learn a little bit, and socialize in some way through music. I love music, I listent to all class of generes. In my university, I've found something really curious. I'm almost a graduate student of physics, and many students of physics, and really a significant number (we are not many, so, an important porcentage of physics students), have really close music interests as I do, to the point that I go to visite some of them, and they have all the music albums I love. I wanted to see how the music interests are distributed in here in the way :p

    I'll start posting something from my motherland. Hope you like it, and share your music too!

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    Very beautiful. He has many albums on iTunes but I couldn't find this particular album. Do you know its English name?

    I also found the wikipedia has a biography on him:


    For myself, I've been listening to Hawaiian Slack Key guitar from movie soundtrack for "The Descendants" and then started listening to Ledward Kaapana, Gabby Pihinui, and Keola Beamer, then onto ukulele master artists like Jake Shimabukuro, James Hill, Tiamane Gardner, Brittni Paiva and others.

    So much great music, so many great artists and so little time to hear it all.
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