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Shared partition in dual boot

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    So I've set up my computer to dual boot into WinXP or Fedora Core 6. As recommended by some walkthroughs I found, I've created a FAT32 partition for passing data back and forth between WinXP and linux.

    Alas, it only has 8 character filename support.

    I would like to have a partition for actually sharing data -- I consider this setup broken, because of the filename limitation. But do I have other options?

    I may be able to set up an old computer as a fileserver if necessary -- but I would like a single-computer solution if possible.
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    If it helps, I use ntfs-3g to access NTFS partitions in XP from Ubuntu, and fs-driver to access my Ubuntu partition from XP. I can read and write data to the partitions in both cases. I'm not sure about any filename limitations.
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    I thought you could have up to 32 characters in a fat32 partition, but in dos mode everything was 8 characters. Fat16 was 8 characters and that's all.

    Neutrino seems to have a viable solution for you. When I use linux live cds, I can read and write to my NTFS partitions without any problems. I'm guessing they are preconfigured with ntfs-3q or some similar program.
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    As a quick but not too usable solution, you can zip long named files and transfer these zip files.
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