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Shared printer in network

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    I have 2 computers connected by a local area network using a router.
    computer A is physically connected to a printer.
    computer B is not.
    Is it possible to print from computer B if computer A is powered off?

    Thank you.
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    No, it must be turned on if its not connected directly to the network.
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    What do you mean when you say "connected directly to the network"?

    ... THANX
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    home printers soooooooooometimes have ethernet ports that can allow them to connect to a network. Rarer ones have a wireless adapter built in that allows them to be seperate entities on the network. Other then that, the computer has to be up and on the network for the printer to be remotely used.
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    OH so you mean as long as the printer is connected to the network through a computer, the computer must be on for others to use it.

    this is so inconvinient, that means computer A must be on while a person is using computer B to print stuff, thats some additional digit on the electric bill.

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    Welcome to my world. What you can do is get a Printer Server, about $100 for a wireless one and $80 for a wired one. Wireless allows the printer to be its own identity on a wireless network, the wired one allows it to be connected like another computer so that its its own thing. It actually pays for itself over time if you leave a computer on 24/7 just incase something need sto be printed
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