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Sharing a dream

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    If two people share one dream, does this make the dream real?

    I know the term 'real' is not well defined, but just use ur personal opinion on whats real and whats not.
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    I'm not sure "share" is well defined here either. I can't share a dream with you, the way I could share an apple with you. If you mean two people having the exact same dream at the exact same time, I would say that each person had a real dream, and it was coincidental that they had the same dream at the same time.
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    I have been through the experience of sharing a dream, and I can say that the fact that two brains' sub-conscious imagined the same dream doens't makes it real. Becuase it didn't happen.

    Although it depends in what you consider REAL to be.
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    With 'share' i really mean share!

    So its not two people dreaming two dreams that are exactly the same, but two people dreaming and (certain parts of) that dream being 1.

    Like a dream where they can see eachother and talk with eachother.
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    oooo, then I haven't expirienced it.

    What I have expirienced is dreaming exactly the same thing as my brother. but not the same day: although each of us didn't now the other one had had it, we spoke about it after. But not in the sense of talking to him and he talking back. I think that is not possible. and by the way, that is called telekinesis no? only that in dreams. adn yes, it IS real.
  7. Apr 18, 2005 #6
    It's a real dream. That's pretty much it.

    With the ammount of dreams an average person has each night, it's not too surprising that two people could have a very similar dream.
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    A dream takes place in your own mind. Two people can have a very similar dream, especially if they are familiar with one another. It does not mean that the dream is real. A dream is an interpretation of the subconscious.

    What you are describing does not sound like a dream to me. It sounds more like a form of astral projection. From what I understand this is also based on a shared subconscious that all people, all life has. I have seen no evidence that it really exists.

    On a side note, lucid dreaming does exist. Lucid dreaming is where you are aware that you are dreaming and have the ability to control your actions and the environment of the dream. Lucid dreaming happens at different points in the sleep state, usually just after falling asleep or after you have slept a long time already. You can train yourself to recognize when you are dreaming and how to remain asleep and become lucid.

    Are you certain that someone isn't pulling a fast one on you?
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    Im not saying it really happens, just an interesting question.

    I do know of some cases of UFO sightings, or alien abductions where there are multiple witnesses who see the same thing at the same time and pass lie detector tests. And the explanation used to dismiss it, is 'identical hallucinations'.
  10. Jun 26, 2005 #9
    I have been looking around, and discovered that there actually exist experiments showing such a thing as shared dreams (or as it is called here, dream telepathy):

    Examples can be read in that link.
  11. Jun 29, 2005 #10
    hey if u can talk to each other in ur "dream" and remember it, it would be a dream it would be telekinesis... but hey.. dreams are based on reality, experiences we have experienced, or are about to experience, in out subconscious, we think of many things (I'd know, i come up with the randomest of thoughts at the randomest of moments), and in our dreams, these "thoughts" which are most significant to the dreamer become most prominent, a "dream".
  12. Jun 29, 2005 #11
    If im not mistaken, the difference between a dream-reality and awake-reality, is that the awake-reality is observed by multiple people, whereas a dream-reality is purely subjective.

    But, if people can share a dream(or do dream-telepathy), what then is left that differentiates the 'awake' world, from the dreamworld?
  13. Jun 29, 2005 #12
    That depends on what controls the results of an action. In the real world there are forces we can influence but we never really control a thing except our own thoughts. In a dream, I can jump off a cliff and sit on a cloud because I can control the forces of that so called world since it is only an image in my own mind. So whose world am I a part of when I "share" a dream?

    Even more questions:
    Does one reality affect another? If I eat in a dream will I think I'm full and actually starve to death if I never wake up? If I died in my sleep while sharing a dream, would I live in the mind of another? If I fall asleep in a dream, how many dreams can I have with other people?

    These all lead to the idea that perspective is individual reality, not reality.
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