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Sharon Osbourne

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    Can anyone suggest a step by step series which would tell me how to contact Sharon Osbourne? I am organizing a new cancer support group and I though you'd know. I simply wish to discuss a career option with her.

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    First, check to see if she has a website where she can be e-mailed.

    Second, who is she, and what is she affiliated with that might prove to be a place through which you could contact her?
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    Ever heard of a bloke named Ozzy?
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    Sharon Osbourne whois

    When Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath in 1979 and embarked upon a solo carreer, Sharon Osbourne's father was Ozzy's manager. That is how Ozzy and Sharon met. Sharon soon married Ozzy and took over managerial duties while (I believe) cutting ties with her father and accusing her father of having financially ripped off Ozzy.

    The very non-commercial-value post-Randy-Rhoads (Rhoads was Ozzy's very-innovative celebrated and award-winning guitar player for Ozzy's first two studio solo albums who died tragically in a plane crash in March 1982 while on tour in support of Ozzy's second studio solo album) live album Speak of the Devil may have been done in a non-commercial-value manner on purpose because it was part of a package of old contract obligations Ozzy had had to Sharon's by-then estranged father.

    In addition to Managing Ozzy, Sharon has taken on managerial duties for a number of other bands/musical-artists over the years. She has also been a regular cast member of the MTV reality-television show The Osbournes.

    Also see:

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    Do like Ozzy and just yell, "SHA-RONNNNNNNNN!"
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    my dad used to work for a repo company. He can get ahold of anyone he wants. he sent a complaint to the head of home depot last week
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    i wonder why ozzy left black sabbath... :uhh: he was better there(i think so). :smile:

    atleast he shouldnt have done solo. :biggrin: he could have made a wonderful band like dave mustaine made Megadeth :devil: after leaving Metallica.
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    Thanks, Hitsquad.

    Somehow, I ended up missing out completely on the music of Ozzy Osborne. I don't believe I know one song by him.

    The image you posted of Sharon will provide weeks of nightmares. Thanks!
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    Ozzy was given his walking papers because he was a slobbering drunk and the rest were tired of it. Yes they (BS) were an awesomly awesome band but don't discredit his solo stuff too quickly. Crazy Train, Diary of a Madman, Mr. Crowley, just about anything with Randy Rhodes. Please feel free to take shots at anyone who thinks Zakk Wyyld(sp) filled those shoes.
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    Blizzard of Ozz (1980) was probably the best Ozzy album.
    http://www.ozzy.com/music/index.php?mode=view&album_id=11&type=lp [Broken]
    Crazy Train [see video], I Don't Know, Mr. Crowley, [good solo] Revelation (Mother Earth) are great.

    With Black Sabbath (in the 1970s),
    there was Paranoid, Iron Man, War Pigs, Children of the Grave, and Black Sabbath.
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    Yeeeaaaahhhh...I bet Pete's wondering where the heck his thread went.
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    That was a particularly horrid photo he posted of her. As long as her mouth is shut, she could pass for any average soccer mom, which is quite a contrast from Ozzy. But, as soon as she begins to talk, you realize she's not quite that bland (but you can tells she's pretty sharp despite the slips of potty mouth language).

    As for the original question, I'm sure if someone wanted to get in touch with her for something business related, they probably have to go through some manager or someone like that.
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    I really like his solo stuff. It's sad to see him so unable to speak anything intelligible anymore.
  15. Aug 17, 2005 #14
    Any living non-retired film/TV celebrity can be contacted via information that can be found at IMDb.com.

    For contact details, click on IMDbPro Professional Details.
  16. Aug 23, 2005 #15
    First off I'm a big time Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne fan. I saw Ozzy at the Cape Cod Coliseum in the early 80's. I was right up close, about 10 feet from a wall of speakers. My ears were ringing for 3 days! :bugeye:
    :tongue2: Cool. Can you ask him if he's willing to contact Sharon?
    Oh my God! I feel so bad for you! :cry:
    Not in the least. In the first place I was in serious trouble for the first portion of this thread so I wasn't around to follow it. I was starting to have panic attacks and ended up in the ER for a few of them. Horrible things those attacks. :eek: Turned out that my anti-depressant was causing them! Yipes! :surprised In the second place I love Ozzy and Black Sabbath. Their music, along with other 70's and 80's music helped me through some horrible times during the whole cancer/herniated disk portions of the last 5 years.

    I have a new idea about how to approach what I want to do. But I can't speak of it now. So I'll mention it when the time is right. Meanwhile - Goooo Ozzy! :biggrin:


    ps - Sharon is awesome for helping Ozzy through his drug problems and sticking with him even when times got extremely hard for her. I have an enormous amout of respect for someone who sticks it out through the hard times. I love her for that.
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    Why does the word "Sharon" keep appearing in Red? Its extremely distracting for me.

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    Did you find this thread again by doing a search for the word "Sharon"? If so, it'll highlight your search term. In the address bar, just delete everything after the post number (something like &highlight=sharon, but it might not be exactly that) and hit enter. That should give you a view of the thread without your search term highlighted.
  19. Aug 24, 2005 #18
    Were I you, I would take the whole constellation of problems and present them to either a neurologist, or a neuropsychiatrist. General Practitioners and Psychiatrists are usually ignorant of any possible neurological avenues that might be explored to account for what seem to them to be "psychiatric" symptoms.
  20. Aug 24, 2005 #19
    That's a good idea zb. I've never heard of those kinds of docs before. I've started off today by (1) firing my shrink at Dana Farber and (2) telling my Leukemia social worker that I don't wish to run into her again in the near future. They both ganged up on me in the shrinks office and refused to listen to me. I left before I lost my temper. The dumb shrink took that as me being unwilling to cooperate. What a stupid sob. I left before I had to clock him - I have a very nasty temper so I've had to do a lot over the years to control it. Its a nasty beast which I've had to keep penned up.

    I feel pretty liberated now that I did that. Although I had to once again spend the morning in the ER. I had to get anti-anxiety meds so last me until I found a new shrink. Whew! What a process! :yuck:

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    In related news,
    http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/24/music.ozzfest.reut/index.html [Broken]
    http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=40691 [Broken]
    http://www.smnnews.com/~slasher/sharon.mp3 [Broken]
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