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Homework Help: SHC and SLH question

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    I have tried to answer this question but I know my answer is wrong, so please could someone help me out?

    Given data:

    Ice mass 2.0kg
    Immersion heater 200w
    Initial ice temp -10dec c

    This is the question:

    Draw a graph, with labelled axes, to show how the temperature varies, with time when a block of ice of mass 2.0kg, has an immersion heater placed in ut, power 200w. The ice is initally at -10deg c continue the graph until the temp of water vapour is 110 deg c. SHC of water is 1400 J kg K

    I have tried it using Q=mcdelta T

    and then Time = Q/P

    Can anyone help please?
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    The immersion heater is supplying 200 w. How many kilocalories of heat is that per second? How much will that increase the temperature of 2 kg of ice each second? That will continue until the temperature of the ice reaches 0 when it will start to melt. Then all the heat will go into melting the ice, the temperature staying at 0 until all the ice is melted. How much ice will that heat melt per second? When will all the ice be melted? After that, the temperature of the water starts to increase. How much will that heat increase the temperature of the water each second?

    (By the way, your graph will consist of three connected lines.)
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