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She died so early

  1. Dec 14, 2004 #1
    I know this girl, she is a solicitor,
    her father died when she was small,
    and now, she died of lung cancer when her 2 children were small too,
    is this fate?

    How come a person who did not smoke can get lung cancer? :frown:
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    sad, hope her soul goes to heaven
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    I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your aren't too saddened by such terrible news. Was she exposed to second-hand smoke, did she live in a city and/or work in an area where she would be exposed to harsh smokey conditions? Lung-damage can be caused by smoke other than second hand smoke. Living in a city has even been contributed to lung damage. If she had some sort of susceptibility to cancer in her genes that might explain it as well.
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    or just having to work or grow up in a house with people who smoked can do it, not nearly as likely but still possible.
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    I may not know a lot of Chinese characters (okay, none), but I can read 2001 12 12. Are you trying to sell us a 3-year old story as just happening?
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    obituary is after a person's death,
    this is an Ad to memorise someone you love whom had passed away.

    i just want to say, life is so uncertain,
    she is a lively girl with cherished dreams,
    but Fate determine her to die so soon,
    why so cruel?

    i don't think she is exposed to smoke,
    she worked in a not very busy city, most of the time in air-con room.

    I also have a male colleague who always complained he got headache, after I had resigned from that company, after 1 year, my friend told me he died of leukemia.

    Some of my high school classmates, also had died before age 25.
    I sigh everytime i know that someone died so early.

    What is the meaning of living? We seems to live for our bodies, we are constrained by our bodies. We work 8-5 just because we want to feed our stomachs.........
  8. Dec 15, 2004 #7
    I may ask the same question, since adding the word "NOW" in the thread started make my skull thinking that it mean:.......NOW! :bugeye:

    Anyhow, sorry for her death, she is a human as us as well, so i feel sorry that she passed away.

    About fate Siant, it is not cruel! Painful it is sometimes, so sad it is sometimes, yes i do understand and agree. but it is not cruel, at least i will not say that, may be becuase i beleive in the Universe-Master and i found it disrespectful to describe the Universe-Master as cruel, or the fate which it is a part of what he created, and The-Master has direct influence in some of its aspects...anyway i am turning it here to religious issue, nor i wanna the thread to be off-track...
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    If everyone one you know is dying, but you can't find the common denominator maybe it is you. It sucks when loved ones die, especially when you are the cause.
  10. Dec 15, 2004 #9
    Tribdog, i guess you were not trying to make fun in the last post here, but a serious message....at least i saw it like that since this is a thread contain some seoius issue.

    Dude, it is not good the last thingy you post, it could be deeply offending. I did not find it good the staff like that in a touchy topics like death situations :frown:

    Tribdog, please take what i wrote in the best way possible :smile:
  11. Dec 15, 2004 #10
    I apologize if I offended you. I was only trying to offend Saint.
    Death sucks if I don't laugh I might cry.
  12. Dec 15, 2004 #11
    Thanks for the apology, but actually i was just feeling not good about it, since it could offend someone in this thread, not me actually. I know i was not the one who you send the message to "the offending i mean". Thanks anyway but you werent offending me :smile:

    By the way: I do see the issue of the death of that girl on this thread, but i do not see why this thread is opened here [to discuess what about the issue?] Its sad to hear such such a story, but i had a bunch of sad stories , deeply sad, but i dont see a point to make a thread for it here, if there is no suffcient benefit from it....anyhow.

    Edit: No body dies early, some people die young, old, whatever, but when X human die, X die ON TIME, on the time the body is "broken" [i think the major reason is when the soul leaves the body, i believe logically that souls exist]
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2004
  13. Dec 15, 2004 #12
    Saint likes to start new threads and doesn't let things like "making a point" get in the way
    I can't say anything though, I sometimes don't make a point.
  14. Dec 15, 2004 #13
    my point is,
    there is a Force out there, named FATE, so cruel that it plays human beings.

    This girl suffered the lose of her father when she was very small, she did not remember anything about her father,
    and now,
    when her children were small , she died!
    Her death is too early, her children and husband need her,

    FATE is so cruel!

    There are many bad guys, like Saddam Hussein, Osama, why not they die of cancer?

    Sometimes I do not believe there is a LAW of GOD who punishes the bad people and reward the good people.

    Good luck and bad luck is uncertain.
  15. Dec 15, 2004 #14
    My Lord Universe-Master! Dude, what is you proof that there is a sth called "Fate force" I never heard about it in physics, or any other "respected" field of knowldge...

    Secondly, I personally hope that Osama Bin Laden will stop his actions, and apologize, and try to fix his mistake rather than just get his head off, at least he is a homo-sapien, same thing i have about Saddam and Bush and others who i do not like.....

    Fate is not cruel, further: If GOD exist [Well, i beleive God exist more than i beleive that i am exist...] He might make people died becuase of cancer becuase of a wisdom. He is the most wise, anybad thing happened to some body it could be an exam from God to see if he will be patiend or start cursing, or as a punishement for a bad thingy he did, or as a normal thingy in life [one day for you, other is against you] in the later situation, it fits agains as an exam, to see how people will do in it.

    If the colonized nations has the negative mentality, they will never liberate thier homeland from the people who colonized them, they will just sit down and start crying, and making albums songs called: "why"....do not take it personal
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