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Homework Help: Shear and Compressive Forces?

  1. Oct 1, 2008 #1
    A black Rhinoceros weighs in at 1400 Kg and is running 11 m/s and has to stop in 1s or fall into a ravine. In order to accomplish this, the Rhino places his front legs directly out in front of him at a 60degree angle to the ground. What is the compressive and shear forces that the front legs must resist to accomplish this assuming that all of the force is transmitted through the front limbs.

    D = delta V/t; a^2+b^2=c^2

    I drew a diagram so I have a triangle with the vectors. The resistance vectors are up and right for a resulting vector 60 deg North of West. I think I use pythg. to find compressive force but am lost on shear. I think once I find shear I plug that in for the vertical vector and the horizontal vector is 11m/s^2. I have no idea where to start though to find shear.

    Thanks. :-)
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    Ok. So now I have F=ma so the horizontal force is 15400 N and the angle is 60 so I need to find the other side and the hypoteneuse I think. Any help? I think I am drawing it wrong because I know that I use sohcahtoa but with which angle?
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    I figured it out thank you please close.
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