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Shear area in washer

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    Hi all,
    Just curious about how to size the thickness of washer for a particular class of bolt.(I'm not actually designing one but want to know how standard washers are sized.)I'm having a feeling that the washer will be under compression (Bearing surface of bolt head or nut).Bending will be there if the hole size for bolt is larger than hole size of washer.

    My question is what will be the value of shear load on bolt and what will be its shear area (Will it be pi*d*t ? d being O.D. of washer and t being thickness of washer).

    I'm a first yr student so i cannot clearly visualise the shear load in washer.

    Thanks in advance
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    A correction.In my second para I mis typed as "shear load on bolt" actually i meant "shear load on washer" .

    Sorry for the mistake.

    Thanks in advance
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