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Homework Help: Shear/Bending Diagram Question

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem question in my statics class and one problem askes to draw the shear and bending diagram for the problem.

    It shows the beam ------------------------ with the reaction pushing down on the top/middle of it and A and B on each side but shows no forces pushing up on each side which Im stuck on.

    A B
    ^ ^
    | |
    | |
    | ? |?

    Every other example in the book shows forces pushing up on A/B but not the questions.

    If it showed them I wouldnt be stuck....what do I have to do in this case?

    Thanks so much!
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    Hint: If you wrap "code" tags around your "diagram" (in the post/editing area) then it will show up better.

    Question:Is there a force (load) acting down in the middle of the beam AB ? Or is it slightly offset from the centre ?

    If it's in the middle, then the reactions at A and B are: RA = W/2 and RB = W/2.

    If it's slightly offset, then you will have to take moments about A, or B, to determine the exact value of RA and RB.
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    Well if there's a load on the beam and A and B are labeled but no forces are shown.... there better be forces at A and B or this isn't statics my friend!
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