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Shear force

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    i need to know the force that is required to cut a .010 inch thick teflon sheet (sort of like a hole puncher cutting out circular holes of paper) into 20 mm diameter circles. how would i even go about trying to figure this out?

    im trying to design a mechanism for a class that will cut these out, and im just wondering how much force is going to be needed to cut it out.
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    Try Distortion Energy theory. It may give you some insight, although I've never applied it to hole punches.
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    Chris Hillman

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    See [post=1510929]this post[/post] for a similar recent question and a homework hint.
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    thanks, ill see if i can do anything with it. but my problem is sort of backwards. i need to know the allowable shear stress for teflon, so if anyone knows it off the top of their head... :P
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