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Shear link design

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    Hey guys, I know this is a bad question but I would love to know how. Usually, in the examples, the loads are given as UDL where you can to find same reaction at both ends of beam. What if the beam loadings are with multiple point loads, (5 or 6 point load) and the reaction of the beam at both ends is different, how do I design the shear link now? Do I just take the largest shear in the beam and design normally? Thanks guys!

    P/S : Usually we uses wL/2, but in this case, obviously we can't, but I've obtained the shear and bending moment via SFD and BMD.

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    David, I would suggest that a picture would help a lot. Also, many of us don't know what UDL is, so perhaps you might define your terminology.

    The title says something about a "shear link." This also can use a definition as this is not a universally understood term.
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