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Shear stress eqn

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    http://www.savefiles.net/d/ieiwoixnjfw.html [Broken]

    Can anybody pls write for me the shear stress eqn using singularities or heaviside function in which i have attach the in the file above

    pls help

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    This is the homework help, not the do your homework forum. :grumpy:
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    Looks like standard procedure to me?, on what exactly are you stuck?
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    the equation for the middle part where the joint forces between the upper and lower force.Should i write 2q<x-l>^0 or any others??
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    Taking downward direction as a positive direction, the load density function should be


    Note that the [tex]q_{0}[/tex] is contributed by the upper distributed force, the first [tex]q_{0}(x-l)^0[/tex] is to diminish the effect of [tex]q_{0}[/tex] at position along the beam [tex]x=l[/tex] while the second [tex]q_{0}(x-l)^0[/tex] is the lower distributed force that acting in an upward direction, which means the negative direction here by convention.

    Then, proceed to find [tex]V(x)[/tex] and [tex]M(x)[/tex]. Finally, draw the shear and moment diagrams.
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