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Shear Stress

  1. Sep 5, 2009 #1
    A load of 5kN is applied to the tensile member shown in the figure below and is carried at the joint by a single rivet of 20mm diameter. The angle of the joint is 60 degrees to the axis of the load (the axis of the rivet is at 30 degrees to the line of action of the load P). Calculate:
    (a) the tensile shear stress in the rivet
    (b) shear stress in the rivet

    The figure is attached. I know how to calculate the stress but I'm not sure how to calculate it on an angle like this. I'm guessing you use the same equation and maybe times it by 5sin60 or do i use 30.

    Thanks Stacy

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    For shear stress, one of the answers you listed is correct. You just need to use trigonometry to determine which one is correct.
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