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Sheer Modulus Plz Help

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    A steel plate of 10 cm square or (100 sq cm) is .25cm thick. How much force is need to distort its edges by 0.04 cm.
    sheer modulus for steel is 80 * 10^9 n/m^2,

    Plz Help Thanx
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    Remember that the sheer (or shear) modulus is given by stress divided by strain.

    Where Stress is Force/Area.

    And Strain is the Change in Length / Original Length.

    This should be enough to get you going.
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    Not sure if that equation is right, because they give you the shear modulus in the question, so I found an equation with G in it, F/A = G * Delta H/H, the other equation does not have G in it
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    If G is the shear modulus, then the equation that you have written:

    F/A = G * Delta H/H,

    is exactly the same as what I wrote in my last post.
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