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Sheet Metal Forces

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    Hi I am a Mechanical Engineering final year student from India.
    I need to calculate the forces(axial,tangential and radial) on the tool and the workpiece in the sheet metal spinning operation.

    Is there someway to find it theoretically or using any software?

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    The only thing that comes to mind is by using SolidWorks. You could see if your school has this program available at your disposal because it costs quite a bit. You would first need to model extremely precisely getting all the dimensions, material selections, etc. correct. Then use the Simulation package that is an add-in for SolidWorks to simulate the forces seen by an applied load or whatever is occurring to that particular tool and/or workpiece. Below is a link that shows you a video on how to simulate. I apologize if you knew about this already and sorry for wasting your time. Best of luck!

    p.s. make sure you use a pretty fast and powerful computer when performing the simulation run function because it takes quite a bit of time otherwise.

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    Thanks a lot :), will try that and tell you...
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    you could also see is ANSYS would do the job!
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