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Sheets of uranium?

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    sheets of uranium!?

    Hello everyone.
    I was wondering if getting a metal or a piece of radioactive material such as uranium, it could be flatten by ''home methods'' to be as thin a sheet or sheets. If it can't maked by home methods, please point me as its industrial process.
    Thank you all ;P
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    Re: sheets of uranium!!!!!!????

    Why do you ask?
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    Re: sheets of uranium!?

    Just for know, and Why are you question?
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    Re: sheets of uranium!?

    Because uranium metal has certain applications related to military activity. If one was to obtain uranium metal, it would be from depleted U stock - i.e., mostly U-238 with about 0.25% U-235. Any inquiry regarding the procurement or processing of U-metal or alloys outside of normal channels will attract attention from organizations responsible for international security and non-proliferation.
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    Re: sheets of uranium!?

    Reading this post's question of "home methods" in relation to radioactive materials, reminded me of an exercise that a senior scientist did with us in an industrial setting to sink home the dangers of radioactivity.

    A piece of paper, and a pen were handed to a gathering of us and each was told to sign the paper, then pass it on, until all of those present had signed it. Then the lights were turned off and a black light was used to display the results of how contamination from a relatively innocuous task can be shockingly spread.

    As you can imagine, the test used an innocuous but highly fluorescent powder placed on the sheet of paper at the beginning- the people with noses, faces, clothing, etc smeared with fluorescence was mildly amusing- transfer to objects around the room was an eye opener, and then led the discussion of how careful one has to be when anything that is slightly radioactive has to be worked with.

    I hope that the moderators' messages (on your posts) and this message gets through to you that you are working with concepts outside of your background at the least, and on a dangerous fishing expedition if you persist questioning.
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    Re: sheets of uranium!?

    ddanon, we take things very seriously here when people ask questions - and ask for advice - about doing things that could be a danger to themselves or others. Not just for others' sakes but also for our own liability.
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    Re: sheets of uranium!?

    ok. ;)
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