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Homework Help: Shelf life of Jet fuel JP-5

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    What is the shelf life of jet fuel especial for JP-5? How to predict it?
    My homework ask me to write topic about this but I don't have any
    idea. Is that correct for the 4 years of the shelf life of JP-5?
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    OK,let me give the answer:
    4yrs and 7 yrs depend on the way you used.
    The way from peroxide or gum formation may be not correct because both
    stabilities are quite stable.
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    I am a bit late on this, but we have stored other variants of JP fuels for much longer. I would have suggested that you define what your shelf life limiting factor would be. In the case of combustion properties, i.e. net heat of combustion, flash point, etc...or as you you stated by the emergence of fugus or other contaminants.

    I would be very interested to see some of your notes on this and any references you came up with. I am always in the hunt for more information on fuels.
  5. Dec 8, 2007 #4
    We have stored JP-5 fuels for 13 years. From the analysis,the shelf life of JP-5 is around 7 years (by the FP informations observed in these years).
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