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Shell element contact problem

  1. Jun 17, 2011 #1
    Hello All,

    I am facing some problem while defining contact between shell elements. My problem is as below.

    1. Two thin layers (thickness of 10^-5 m each) of composite material are bonded to a solid material like foam.
    2. A third layer of the same thickness comes in contact for a certain period of time. This third layer is hot at a temperature of 232 deg celsius and there is a surface to surface contact.
    3. I know the thermal contact conductance value between the hot layer and the two composite layers.

    I have modeled this problem in Ansys classical. I created an area to define the hot layer and a volume which is offset from this area by the hot layer thickness to define the two bonded layers in contact wit a solid foam (Meshing area attached to the volume with shell elements and then sweeping the area by VSWEEP command) I am using SECOFFSET as bottom plane for the two bonded layers (as it is also bonded to a solid material to use the Paint option) and top plane for third hot layer. The problem while solving is that I cannot see any heat transfer from the hot layer to the two bonded layers.

    Am I making some mistakes in modeling the problem?

    Please help.

    Thank You.

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