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News Sherman Austin

  1. May 11, 2004 #1

    TONS of info out there on this.

    Basically, this guy ran a website with a script that allowed others to post messages on it (wow!). Someone put a link to a page that included basic bomb making instructions.
    A law passed in 1997, sponsored by one Diane Feinstein (sp?) , makes it illegal to distribute illegal information with the intent to commit a federal crime.

    This guy's site was an anarchy site.

    He is presently serving a felony sentence for 1 year, and when he gets out, his parole has all kinds of inane limits like not being able to use a computer, and not associating with others that wish to change the government.

    Things that disturb me is:
    The media didn't come to this guy's aide. No one did.
    His property was destroyed, and then told it was lost.
    He didn't even make the link, or the page. It would be like charging physicsforums for my posts.
    The prosecutor looked ot push a deal of ONE MONTH in prison, and the judge decided to give him the max and refused to acknowledge the plea deal.

    This guy got SCREWED. I think his ideas on having no government are lame, but I don't think this is right at all.
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    Woohoo! Freedom of speech! Yay!
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    More than you've got.
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    Depends how you view it. We don't have guaranteed freedom of speech here. On the other hand, we also don't have a government stamping it out at every opportunity.

    http://www.progressive.org/webex/mcwatch.html [Broken]
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    Just chiding you a little, Adam :)
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    A vote for Bush is a vote for this sort of thing.
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    Perhaps, but Kerry is even more pro lawyer than Bush.
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    Maybe you mean about malpractice caps and such? But that's a different kind of lawyer, not a prosecuter over the top but a suer over the top (perhaps). The latter kind might raise our helath costs (but not as much as is sometimes threatened) but the former type inflicts tyranny on us. There is just no other word for what happened to this guy. Hey whatever happened to the fourth amendment?
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    Tyranny in the form of physical lockdown or financial/emotional lockdown is not freedom. My thoughts on Kerry are more directed towards worrying about trial lawyers suing me every second - however, I could be over sensitive to this because I live, LITERALLY, in the highest lawyer per capita city in the USA :uhh:

    Anyways, back on topic. Yeah, I dunno what happened. Or actually, I do.
    My dad had the same thing done to him and is now a felon, just as Mr. Austin is. While my father had nothing to do with Anarchy sites, he testified and made tons of calls to get a senator (that my dad met a couple times via his job for the government) to look into what was happening on behalf of these other two guys. Next thing you know the US attorneyis going after my dad. They trump up charges, offer a low plea, the judge denies and gives the max despite proven purjored testimony, and here we are. They don't stick to the judge's deal and double restitution, take assets that they admitted were illegal to take, and basically stuck it to him. The process of turning around such wrongs is a long and tedious one, but I'd rather talk about such things after the fact, not right now :smile:
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