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Sherwood number correlations

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    I've been trying to find Sherwood number corrolations for various surfaces, but it's been surprisingly difficult.

    What I've been trying to find now is a Sherwood corrolation for flows when Reynolds number = 0 (no wind speed at all).

    The case for spheres is been pleasantly easy as Sh = 2 + 0.6*Re^(0.5)*Pr^(1/3) which doesn't cause any problems when the wind speed equals zero.

    Is there anyone who would know where to easily find a large list of these corrolations for various surfaces, even at v=0?

    I've been searching the net for quite some time and I have also looked through quite a lot of literature. I did personally think that there would have been some list easily accessible somewhere.

    edit: flat vertical and horizontal plates would be the important ones
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    There doesn't seem to be a straight answer to this, but do Sherwood's and Nusselt's number for different surfaces correlate, so I would be able to use Nusselt's number and switch from Prandtl's number to Schmidt's, and that way get my Sherwood number?
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