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Shhh … library race

  1. Dec 20, 2008 #1


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    I've been watching with interest the race between different titles on the top-10 ladder on the PF Library mainpage.

    For no apparent reason, "moment of inertia" has finally elbowed its way to the top.

    It used to be quite exciting

    shhh! :frown:

    sorry! :redface:

    electric field was going at the speed of light …

    but, for obvious reasons, momentum was also a front-runner, and shot forward towards the edge of the universe …

    friction presumably got carried along stuck to something else …

    then the edge of the universe stopped expanding …

    and pressure powered its way forward …

    escape velocity obviously will never quite reach the edge of the universe …

    but time dilation may be able to overtake the others at warp speed …

    however, moment of inertia is purely rotational, so how did that make any progress: is there some velocity-spin linkage we don't yet know about? :confused:

    I find it difficult to believe that, in Peoria, "they talk about little else" :biggrin:

    Or that "moment of inertia" is coming up a lot in autolinking.

    My guess is that members and guests are looking only or mainly at the top-10 and most-recent-10 titles, simply because they don't see any others … once a title is in the top-10 list, it tends to keep others out

    and more importantly, the work done by members in creating new titles is little appreciated once their titles have left the most-recent-10 list.

    Could there be a link (perhaps just saying more) to (say) the top 100 viewed, so that members and guests can "shop around", instead of following the tourist trail? :biggrin:
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    library race hotting up

    heat has just

    shhh! :mad:

    sorry! :redface: heat has just managed to push moments out of the top 10, and is advancing strongly on quadratic equation

    (ah well, moments had its moments :rolleyes:)

    i suppose that's to be expected, because heat rises :biggrin:

    but it's not making any headway on Newton's second law :confused: … perhaps that's because that has its own acceleration?
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