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Shift of equilibrium

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    in the Haber process (N2 + 3H2 ⇔ 2NH3),
    if there are 2mol of N2, 3mol of H2 and 1mol of NH3, how do I know that the system is not in equilibrium and which direction will it shift?
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    Hi man;
    The solution is easy. Just look at the number of each element. Nitrogen, for example, have 2 atoms in the left (reactants) and 2 atoms in the right (products) and this true about the Hydrogen atoms.
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    About second part of your question ''which direction will it shift''. You should notice that the reaction is both toward the products and reactants, that's why it called the reaction is on equilibrium.
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    You can't do anything without the equilibrium constant - you need to calculate reaction quotient and compare it with the equilibrium constant.
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