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Shimming of nose landing gear

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    If i am not wrong, there is shimming damper at aircraft nose gear. Anybody have any idea about whats the device for?
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    Do you mean a shimmy damper?
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    Never even heard about it until this thread, but http://www.ae.go.dlr.de/dyn/research/shimmy/anims/shimmy-damper_anim.gif [Broken] a nice animation.
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    I hadn't heard of it either, thanks Fred/cyrus.

    Fred, I assume the device is to dampen out oscillations of the nose wheel after landing, hopefully keeping the craft pointing straight down the runway? Is it supposed to assist in, um, 'sideways' landings made in a crosswind?

    Nice animation. Why does the damper say 'lord' on it?!
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    It was ordained by GOD! :tongue2:

    Ah, LORD is a big damper company-thats why.

    Apparantly its nothing more than a damper.
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    AFAIK its main function is to stop high frequency wheel wobble (similar to what you get on a a supermarket trolley) caused by bumps on runways and taxiways, etc. Front wheel steering is what controls the "large-scale" motion of the aircraft on the ground.
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    Lord is a manufacturer that specializes in vibration absorption. They make mounts for engines, drive shaft, etc...
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    thank you, my mistake, its shimmy damper..
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    guyz this video is nt workin.....
    if u can pls ...put that link again

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