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Shipwreck with a treasure

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    I haven't found an English page of this yet but this is the gist.

    Two weeks ago a bird watcher found the remains of what seemed an old wooden sloop on the beach of the island Terschelling. It contained thousands of beads, made from glass and probably bone, also 300 kg of copper rods and over 40 sherds of pottery.

    The cargo has been recovered and is brought to the local museum, the sloop however has been taken by the sea again.

    Initial investigation suggest that the beads are eighteenth century, the symbols suggest maybe Groningen, Nijmegen, or also possibly from Germany.

    Most ship archeologists are on vacation so it will take some time before investigations will give more clearer results.
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    Is copper a local produce, or was this sloop in an "imports" business, rather than "exports"?
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