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Homework Help: SHM problem

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    A 2.0kg mass attached to a spring makes 10 oscilations in 21.6s; its amplitude is .0320m

    Find spring constant k. My question about this part is
    frequency=(#of oscillations)/(#of seconds to complete) right?

    So f=10/21.6s =2.16Hz?

    So if [tex]k=m\omega^2[/tex]
    IT's the wording that gets me....

    And to find speed at x=o I use conservation of mech energy


    and I can eliminate .5kx^2 since x=0....
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    10/21.6 is not 2.16 (that's 21.6/10).

    Other than that, your work looks right.
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    Wow...I'm a tool...

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