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SHM question

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    In a harbour, the time between successive high tides is 10 hours. On a day when the height of high tide above low tide is 8.0m, find
    (i) the angular frequency of the tides;
    (ii) the time interval within a cycle during which the sea-water is more than 5.0m above the low tide;
    (iii) the rate at which the tide is rising or falling when the sea-water is 5.0m above the low tide.

    Pls help me solve this problem, thanks!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Hi Chense, and welcome to PF.

    We will be happy to help you with your homework, but first we would like to see how you started and where you got stuck.

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    Just above your post is one titled "Sticky- Read before posting".
    Did you read it before posting?

    The critical part is:
    "Please, for your own sake, try your homework before you come here, and show us where you got stuck. Speaking for myself, I already know that I know how to do your problem. Me doing it for you accomplishes nothing."
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    Yeah, the problem is pretty simple. What class is this for, and is it college or HS?
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