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Shock absorbers that only resist motion in one direction?

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    I was just wondering if there are shock absorbers on the market that will allow motion in one direction freely, but resist motion in the opposite direction; thanks.
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    You mean like the one on a screen door?
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    Don't forget to remove the spring. I used a screen door closer as a slow-closer on my kids' toybox. With the spring inside, it closed slowly... after first slamming shut like a steel trap! Removing the spring made it work like I wanted it to. Opens easily, closes slowly.
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    Thanks... do you know if there's a technical name for these things? I need to buy a couple for a project I'm doing for school.
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    Unless you're looking for a specific brand, they're just called 'screen door closers'. Make sure you have the 'screen' type as opposed to a regular closer made for heavier doors. They're a lot cheaper and don't have all of the unnecessary adjustments like back-check and initial and final speed settings. Also, they're easier to mount and are linear rather than rotary in action.
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    Shock absorbers are made for industry and can be purchased with all sorts of different capabilities. They're used on heavy machinery, industrial equipment, all sorts of different things. Here's a few examples of some manufacturers:
    http://www.enertrols.com/hpm.htm [Broken]
    http://www.energy-kinetics.com/hydra.htm [Broken]

    If you want to find a local manufacturer, try Thomas Register.
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