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Shock cones? I'm confused.

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    My teacher gave us a worksheet to prepare for the test tomorrow, and we never discussed anything about problems 10 to 14. I'm not asking for answers . . . just clarifications.

    1.) What is a shock cone, anyway?
    2.) What does Mach II, Mach III, etc. mean?
    3.) Are there certain equations that I have to use when solving problems about shock cones?

    I would really like to not post the questions on here, because I want to figure them out myself. Just answer my above questions for me as best as you can, and I'm hoping that will help me figure these out. Thanks!
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    If you don't have a textbook ...
    When a sound source travels faster than the sound,
    the forward motion of the sound can't keep up.
    The sideways moving sound that was made "t" ago has traveled
    y = v_sound t , while the source has moved forward x = v_source t .
    There's a cone of sound wave-front that angles back from the source
    to the y-coordinate above.
    Can you draw this? Can you fingure what the tangent of the cone angle is?
    (The cone angle is measured from the path that the source has taken)
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    Mach (X) means that the velocity of that particle is X times the speed of sound.

    So mach II would be twice the speed of sound.
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