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Shock levels

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    Is there a cheap way to measure static correction on a shock collar for dogs?
    Thanks in advance,
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    The standard way would be to use a high voltage probe and an oscilloscope. Not exactly a "cheap" way, though. BTW, I'd think that the shock collars probably use an AC high voltage waveform, not a "static" shock. Guess I'll google/wiki them if I have time to see how they work...
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    I suppose AC would be more difficult to measure than DC, since hooking it to a conventional voltmeter, the needle would not deflect much.

    To determine AC or DC, if u happen to see the collar being used, does the dog freeze everytime the electric shock is given? If so, it is DC, for DC will cause muscles to contract. If not, then it's AC.
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    There are extensive research articles published on this
    subject that will tell you everything you need to know
    about this kind of measurement technique.

    They're recorded under the research works of
    Doctors J. Mengele & S. Milgram, pioneers
    in their fields of electro-physio-psychology.

    Also of note may be the quantitative research of
    Doctor I. Pavlov, and the seminal qualitative
    analysis of Doctor Marc Bekoff.
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