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Shoreline on Titan

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    Wow, crazy stuff...
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    Absolutely awesome. I remember when the first images from Huygens came back earlier this year. I was happier than a kid on christmas morning(says a lot about my life)
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    Wow, I didn't realize they're getting new images. This is the first good image. I was so disapointed when it first landed, we got like three images and all of them sucked.
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    Cassini has many more scheduled fly-bys of Titan (many more photos to come). The Huygens probe released from Cassini was just meant to be active for a few hours. Personally, I'm thrilled to have the Huygens photos even though I was hoping for some different scenery (for the landing site, that is...the photos it took during its descent were really cool).
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    Oh, I was under the impression that these where new pictures from Huygens. I was like: "how the hell do they have new pictures?" Huygens was a few inches from being a failure. Basicly three bad pictures that showed next to nothing.
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