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Short circuiting

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    our aim is apply the principle of induction heating in the transformer by short circuiting the secondary of the transformer... the heat produced from it should produce large amount of heat .... if u have any idea pls reply me... also suggest tha rating of the transformers and other instrument
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    thanks... if u have any other send it
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    Your question makes no sense as written. It may be an issue with language translation software. You don't use a standard transformer as a heater. What kind of heater are you trying to make? Do not short the secondary of a standard transformer -- they are not generally designed to handle that.
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    Try reading this:


    You can get kitchen stoves where the cooking surface is just glass and the iron pots sit on top of this and get heated from a coil under the glass causing eddy currents in the iron pot.

    The coil plus the pot make up a transformer with a shorted secondary.

    They seem to be very effective although you might expect them to be very lossy.
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